Repurposing Coastline Waste into Supply Chain Packaging

According to Oceana, 17.6 billion pounds of plastics enter our oceans every year. ORBIS recently launched its Ocean in Mind packaging initiative, which focuses on recovering and repurposing single-use plastic waste found on coastlines and using it in supply chain packaging. By definition, this is plastic waste recovered within 32 miles from a coastline. This waste typically consists of single-use consumer packaging waste, including beverage packaging, shampoo bottles, plastic bags, etc.

With this new capability from ORBIS, recovered coastline plastic waste is blended with other materials during the ORBIS manufacturing process to create containers and pallets.  This material recovery offers a new stream of recycled content for reusable plastic packaging that reduces waste, conserves natural coastlines and supports economies in developing coastline communities in countries like Haiti, Egypt, Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil. Connect with ORBIS today to learn how this new material can drive sustainability efforts in your business.