OCONOMOWOC, Wis. — August 29, 2023 — ORBIS® Corporation, an international leader in reusable packaging, will highlight the latest in reusable packaging solutions for a sustainable supply chain at this year’s PACK EXPO, Booth SU-8001. ORBIS offers a variety of packaging solutions, including reusable plastic pallets, totes, bulk containers and metal solutions, as well as services that help supply chains find efficiencies, improve the flow of product, increase sustainability and reduce costs. ORBIS is exhibiting at this year’s show held in Las Vegas, September 11-13, 2023.

The booth will highlight the role reusables play in driving the circular economy and will feature the importance of increasing supply chain sustainability by showcasing reusable packaging solutions that can be manufactured, used, reused and reprocessed without impacting the solid waste stream. With a diverse portfolio of integrated packaging, ORBIS looks to help its customers drive efficiency at every point along the supply chain, no matter the industry.

ORBIS also offers a range of services to support companies as they make the switch from single-use packaging to reusable packaging. ORBIS Reusable Packaging Management offers a full range of packaging management services that extend the useful life of packaging for a more sustainable supply chain. Services include management, cleaning, sorting, asset tracking and analytics. Additionally, ORBIS has an engineering services team that conducts analysis and provides expertise needed to ensure a smooth conversion to reusable packaging, as well as a rapid return on investment.

“We understand that industries are constantly evolving, and with this evolution come new opportunities to add supply chain efficiency and sustainability,” said Lynn Hediger, vice president of product management at ORBIS Corporation. “Our integrated portfolio of products and solutions are designed to solve the unique challenges our customers face. From enhancing product flow to reducing costs, we’re here to provide tangible results. At this year’s PACK EXPO, we’re excited to showcase our unwavering commitment to shaping a more efficient, sustainable and resilient supply chain for industries around the world.”

With sustainability, e-commerce and automation top of mind for today’s supply chain managers, the ORBIS booth will showcase a variety of packaging solutions and programs for primary packaging, retail, automotive and industrial operations, including:

280-trip 40×48 P3 Pallet

The 40-inch-by-48-inch P3 pallet is a durable, lightweight, stackable hygienic packaging solution that integrates seamlessly with manual and automatic material handling equipment. Designed with a low-profile 5.1” height, the P3 pallet optimizes truckload space and can be double stacked in racking systems to maximize space. Optional steel

reinforcements and grommets provide strength and improved stability to reduce load shifting and product damage. The plastic flow-through design reduces contaminant spaces and allows for easy cleaning. In FasTrack life-cycle analysis the P3 reusable pallet completed 280 cycles, giving the P3 over 25 times the life span of a standard whitewood stringer pallet.

44 x 56 Food Can Pallet, sheets and top frame

Streamline food and beverage can distribution with pallet systems. ORBIS offers a system that is comprised of a plastic pallet, divider sheets to layer between product and a top frame for load stability. This system is compatible with many palletizers, depalletizers, automatic strapping/banding systems, conveyors, and pallet washing systems. All components are hygienic, easily cleaned and recyclable at the end of its service life.

Attached-lid FliPaks

ORBIS offers the largest selection of attached-lid totes used for split case picking and distribution. ORBIS totes offer generous internal capacity, with streamlined designs for efficient transportation. These reusable plastic attached-lid containers takes the place of corrugated shipping boxes, for long-term packaging savings. In addition, all FliPak containers offer warehouse cleanliness by eliminating fiber and dust. FliPak totes stack when full and nest when empty, for the most efficient use of available space.

BulkPak® HDMP Extended Height container system

Based on the standard Automotive Industry Action Group footprint, these containers are designed and constructed to efficiently move, store and ship automotive, appliance and transportation equipment components. With weight capacities from 1,500 to 2,000 pounds, they are ideal for all types of product loads. The heavy-duty 48×45 HDMP Extended Height series offers 28 positions in a standard 53’ truck, enabling a gain of up to 20% in shipping efficiency and warehouse utilization.

Reusable Packaging Management

In today’s complex supply chains, it’s critical that packaging is available where and when you need it. ORBIS RPM services significantly reduce the time and effort required to track, retrieve, clean and inventory packaging assets in a wide variety of industries, including industrial, food and beverage products, and consumer packaged goods. The ORBIS RPM team works to analyze supply chains holistically to determine the best management program. By using data, ORBIS handles inspection, sorting and even product refurbishment to ensure the supply chain is as efficient as possible.

Packaging Life-cycle Assessments

ORBIS helps companies calculate the impact reusable packaging can have on the environment. Using life-cycle assessments to compare reusable and single-use packaging, ORBIS applies data-driven analysis to help customers reduce their overall environmental impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, solid waste and energy usage. ORBIS will conduct packaging assessments at the booth during the show.

At PACK EXPO 2023, ORBIS will offer two presentations:

  • Measuring the Environmental Impacts of Reusable Packaging in the Circular Economy, using Packaging Life-Cycle Assessment (PLCA) Data; September 11; 11:00 a.m.
    • Speaker: Breanna Herbert, product manager
    • Location: RPA Pavilion (Upper South Hall)
  • Best Practices for Making the Switch to Reusable Pallets in Your Supply Chain; September 12; 10:30 a.m.
    • Speaker: James Riegleman, product manager
    • Location: RPA Pavilion (Upper South Hall)

Visit ORBIS at Pack Expo 2023, Booth SU-8001, to learn more. For members of the media interested in visiting the ORBIS booth and speaking with one of our experts, please contact Adriene Aubuchon at [email protected].