See The Latest in Automotive Packaging at Automotive Logistics 2023

ORBIS Corporation is pleased to announce its upcoming participation at the prestigious Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Global event in Dearborn, Michigan. The conference, which is the industry’s leading networking and knowledge-sharing platform, will take place on September 26-28 at the Henry Hotel, and will bring together renowned automotive industry professionals from around the world.

ORBIS Corporation has a long-standing commitment to innovation, sustainability, and supply chain optimization within the automotive sector. As a result, the company is excited to showcase its latest innovations and share insights with industry peers at the upcoming conference. The Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Global event presents an excellent opportunity for ORBIS to strengthen existing partnerships, develop new relationships, and demonstrate its expertise in the automotive logistics and supply chain domain.

During the event, ORBIS will exhibit its high-quality, reusable packaging solutions designed specifically for the automotive industry. These solutions include a range of bulk containers, pallets, dunnage, and foldable packaging systems that promote sustainability, enhance efficiencies, and improve supply chain flow. By utilizing ORBIS’ reusable packaging solutions, automotive manufacturers and distributors can reduce costs, increase productivity, and ensure the safe transport of their valuable products.

ORBIS representatives, including top executives and key product experts, will be available at booth 18 throughout the event to engage with attendees. Secure your free in person pass here: Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Global 2023 ( using promo code ORBISVIP