OCONOMOWOC, Wis. — November 30, 2023 — ORBIS® Corporation, an international leader in reusable packaging, will be in attendance at the upcoming 2023 ASTA Field Crop Seed Convention in Orlando, Florida, Dec. 5-8. Collaborating with partner Seedbox Solution, the two will showcase cutting-edge products aimed at revolutionizing seed packaging and distribution at Booth 111.

On display at the booth will be the GEN250® seed box, the seed industry’s first alternative seed box container for storing, transporting and discharging bulk seed. This fully reusable seed box not only cuts freight costs but also enhances maintenance and handling processes. With a streamlined design, the GEN250 seed box provides better truckload efficiency, ensuring maximum productivity. Additionally, the containers are collapsible and stackable, minimizing storage needs and increasing transportation efficiency.

“ORBIS Corporation remains dedicated to fostering strong partnerships and driving innovation within the seed industry,” said Bob Klimko, product manager at ORBIS Corporation. “We’re excited to showcase our collaboration with Seedbox Solution on the GEN250 seed box at the Field Crop Seed Convention this year. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to providing sustainable, efficient and technologically advanced solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

Also on display will be a special edition pink-ringed GEN250 seed box. This unique container, featuring a pink top sleeve, aims to raise funds for supporting cancer patients in need of financial assistance. Seedbox Solution will contribute all profits from the sale of these special edition pink-ringed boxes to Pink Heals – Western Illinois Chapter based in Carthage, Illinois.

“Seedbox Solution is pleased to be partnered with ORBIS Corporation in the development and sales of the GEN250 seed box,” said Jon Bertolino, vice president of sales and marketing at Seedbox Solution. “We are excited to present the industry the first Smart Box technology, which will allow users of seed boxes the ability to locate boxes in the country through GPS technology along with several other key data points that seed box users will find beneficial.”

Visit ORBIS and Seedbox Solution at ASTA’s Field Crop Seed Convention, Booth 111, to learn more, or go to https://www.orbiscorporation.com/en-us/. For members of the media interested in speaking with one of our experts at the show, please contact Adriene Aubuchon at [email protected].

About Seedbox Solution

Seedbox Solution is about problem-solving. With over 100 years of combined expertise in reusable packaging systems, Seedbox Solution is focused on providing products and services that make using bulk plastic seed boxes simpler, easier, innovative, and more affordable. Seedbox Solution sells, rents, and services center discharge seed boxes as its primary business. Seedbox Solution is the exclusive provider of the GEN250 seed box, which provides users up to 50% freight savings when shipping empties. Seedbox Solution launched the industry’s first Smart Box technology in 2023 with GPS track and trace, and content monitoring.