Plastic Pallets

Progressive industries and leading companies are seeking to convert from wood pallets to plastic pallets for their work-in-process, storage and distribution applications. The Convoy® line of pallets from ORBIS represents innovation and a legacy of solutions to cut costs, reduce waste and keep plants clean. Make the switch to plastic pallets today.

Comapnies recognize that an effective reusable plastic pallet program can reduce costs, drive sustainability and optimize their supply chain. Choose from nestable, rackable or stackable plastic pallets and plastic skids.  

With decades of expertise in all types of industries, ORBIS works closely with its customers to identify their needs. An effective plastic reusable pallet program begins with a careful analysis of the application. 

ORBIS experts provide continuous support to incorporate innovation, so companies remain as productive, competitive and profitable as possible. To reach the ORBIS Representative in your area, please contact ORBIS today.

Download Best Practices in Choosing the Right Pallet to Ensure a Clean and Safe Supply Chain to learn how to select the right pallet for your supply chain.

Download Plastic vs. Wood Pallets to learn about the advantages of plastic pallets in your supply chain.