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The OpteBulk container is a sustainable alternative to paper gaylords for storage and distribution of raw material, assemblies and finished goods while offering transportation, packaging, and warehouse cost savings as a reusable collapsible container.

  • Container includes reusable plastic pallet, sleeve and topcap
  • Industry first 28 total container positions per 53’ trailer
  • Sleeve is manufactured from a tri-laminated structured core material with bi-directional strength
  • Additional heights available to maximize outbound transportation – 27” and 35”
  • One-person container assembly and collapse
  • Clamshell collapse kits all components together for reverse logistics
  • Access doors and 2-piece split-sleeves available for manual loading
  • Split-sleeve long side opening
  • Rounded vs. sharp-crimped top edge seal
  • Active sleeve locks in both pallet and topcap


Outside Length In 48.8
Outside Width In 44.5
Outside Height In 51.4
Inside Length In 46
Inside Width In 41.8
Inside Height In 43.6
Weight Lb 76.5
Internal Volume Cu Ft 48.4
Door Openings Short H In 21
Door Openings Short W In 23.1

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