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As transportation costs rise, optimizing shipments is critical. ORBIS has led the North American food, beverage, and consumer goods industry with reusable packaging for all aspects of the supply chain, from manufacturing to the retail aisle.ORBIS Corporation innovates to create more internal cubic space for bulk packaging of preforms and other primary packaging. The MaxCube series is part of the ORBIS BulkPak product line of reusable bulk containers, designed specifically for beverage and primary packaging applications. All containers are structural-foam molded with high-density polyethylene for strength and durability. The MaxCube was designed for superior shipping efficiency and maximum cubic capacity. It features a rodless hinge and collapses easily to a 4.0 to 1 return ratio. On the production floor, the MaxCube is compatible with many types of dumping equipment. The advanced container design results in a consistent weight that improves inventory and shipping efficiency. Its durability ensures a long service life for all types of applications. With smooth interior surfaces and an optional cover to protect contents, the MaxCube ensures product cleanliness.

  • More bins per truck
  • The HDMX offers a 14% increase in return efficiency when compared to other bins
  • The HDMX stacks up to 8 high in a standard trailer (collapsed, with lids)
  • Improved warehouse utilization and stack up to 6 high when filled
  • Increased bin uptime with improved fieldreparability
  • Easy to repair with snap-in rodless panel hinges and replaceable wear plates
  • Better ergonomics
  • Optional 14 lb. injection-molded top cap
  • Popular applications: Preforms, bottles, caps, and closures


Outside Length In 48
Outside Width In 40
Outside Height In 46
Inside Length In 45
Inside Width In 37
Prod Clearance In 40
Collapsed Height In 13
Container Capacity Lb 1200
Weight Lb 140
Internal Volume Cu Ft 40.4
Maximum Loaded Stack Static 6 High
Maximum Loaded Stack Dynamic 2 High
Return Ratio 4:01
53ft Trailer Qty Assembled 60
53ft Trailer Qty Collapsed 240



Polyropylene cardholders that snap onto totes. Available in several sizes and accommodate removable cards, bar codes or other identification documents.

ID Plates

Identification Plates are rigid plastic plates with adhesive backing that affix securely to your BulkPak. These plates are designed for durability and a long service life. Most ORBIS BulkPaks can accommodate identification plates. Availability, requirement, and location of the identification plates can vary for each container.

Label Placards

Label placards are placed on containers to allow for the easy application and removal of single-use labels. Prevents sticky residue and overlapping. Placards are removable and replaceable.

Placard Boards

Board placards are placed on containers to allow for the easy application and removal of single-use labels. Prevents sticky residue and overlapping. Placards are removable and replaceable. 

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Size (IN) : 49.1  x  41.1  x  2.1

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