OPTEBULK 40×48 Mirror Image System

  • Can be made with Recycled Plastics Can be made with Recycled Plastics
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The OPTEBULK 40×48 Mirror Image System is an economical collapsible bulk container comprised of two mirror-image pallets and a reusable sleeve. Select pallets feature a locking tab that secures the sleeve to the pallet and top cap. Sleeves can be fabricated from corrugated material with custom features designed to meet a variety of applications.
  • Custom sleeve heights available
  • Drop panels, split sleeves, and steel wire-reinforced walls available
  • Sleeves available in corrugated or plastic corrugated materials
  • Split and z-fold sleeve styles available
  • Custom printing and graphics available for easy identification


Outside Length In 48
Outside Width In 40
Outside Height In 54.3
Inside Length In 45.1
Inside Width In 37.2
Prod Clearance In 42.5
Collapsed Height In NA
Max Container Cap Lb 1200
Max Stacked Capacity Lb 4000
Weight Lb 86.3
Internal Volume Cu Ft 41.3
Maximum Loaded Stack 4
Return Ratio 5.5:1
53ft Trailer Qty Assembled 60
53ft Trailer Qty Collapsed 330


Pallet Hot Stamp

Pallet identification is easy with ORBIS' Hot Stamp option. It utilizes .5” block capital letters in a predefined area on the pallet or top cap. Availability, requirements, and location for the hot stamp can vary for each pallet.

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