CR2416-10 3-H NPL 678

  • Can be made with Recycled Plastics Can be made with Recycled Plastics
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ORBIS delivers reusable packaging solutions for the delivery of tray-packed meats. Case Ready Meat Containers feature a well-ventilated design for the cost-effective chilling, freezer storage, and distribution of meat, seafood, and poultry from central processing facilities to grocery retailers. All stack with an easy-swing bail and nest when empty for reduced return transportation costs. Protect fresh meat and poultry products with tough, easily sanitized ORBIS plastics baskets. Industry-compatible multi-height baskets provide improved cost savings through better use of space on the pallet, in the truck, and in the storage cooler. They are cost-effective, especially when compared with corrugated and traditional single-height plastic baskets.

  • 24 x 16 footprint allows five containers to cube out a 40 x 48 pallet
  • Bag hooks for streamlined order picking
  • Nylon bail arms are corrosion resistant
  • Nests when bail arm is open for space efficiency
  • Multi-position bail arm provides 3 different stacking positions (high, medium, low)
  • Stacks securely with bail arm
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and superior product protection
  • Label areas
  • Available in FDA-compliant materials (Please specify at quote.)


Outside Top Width In 15.8
Outside Bottom Length In 20.9
Outside Bottom Width In 13.7
Inside Top Length In 22.4
Inside Top Width In 14.5
Inside Bottom Length In 21.3
Inside Bottom Width In 13.5
Height In 9.8
Weight Lb 4.6
Volume Cu Ft 1.2
Nest Ratio 4.:1
Pallet Qty 170
53 Trailer Qty 5780
Prod Clearance In 4.5


Container Hot Stamp

Hot Stamp identification is available for a wide variety of ORBIS totes. The original artwork must be supplied to ORBIS at the time of the order. Size, feasibility and available location of the hot stamp will vary for each container. Minimum shipment is required.

Compatible With

80 x 60 PALLY®

Size (IN) : 31.5  x  23.6  x  7.5

Two Sided Standard Cart - 600 x 400

Size (IN) : 50.5  x  19.5  x  59

40 x 48 NPL 352

Size (IN) : 48.75  x  40.5  x  7

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