40 x 48 XP Economy

  • Can be made with Recycled Plastics Can be made with Recycled Plastics
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Based on the industry standard footprint, the ORBIS 40 x 48 XpressPal Economy Duty is designed for the storage and shipment of mixed loads of food, grocery, and consumer packaged goods in a retail environment. This economical pallet delivers the quality needed in today’s fast-paced distribution networks. Its injection-molded, one-piece construction sets it apart from alternative pallets by offering a hygienic design that is strong and has minimal deflection. In a distribution center environment, the 40 x 48 Economy Duty XpressPal interfaces nicely with all types of order-picking equipment. This dimensionally consistent pallet ensures repeatable performance throughout the supply chain and features large legs for efficient interface with conveyor systems. With a smooth, contoured design, the pallet is ideal for use in a retail environment where consumers are present. It nests when empty for return freight savings and optimized static storage. Its flow-through design, with ventilated deck and drain holes in the legs make it a highly hygienic pallet. Manufactured using 100% plastic, the non-porous pallet does not absorb moisture or odor. For added value, the 40 x 48 Economy Duty XpressPal can be fully recycled at the end of its long service life.

  • Long service life, with lower per-trip cost than wood pallets
  • Molded-in texture to minimize load shifting
  • Optional deck and foot grommets available
  • Hygienic design and easy to clean
  • Protects product with smooth, all-plastic construction and no nails, rust, or splinters
  • Resistance to chemicals, moisture, and odors
  • Four-way fork and hand truck entry to reduce load and unload times
  • Improves safety with smooth design and ergonomic handles


Outside Length In 48
Outside Width In 40
Height In 5.75
Weight Lb 22.5
Nest Ratio 2.4:1
Static Load Capacity Lb 15000
Dynamic Load Capacity Lb 2750
Truckload Qty 53ft Trailer 1260


Pallet Hot Stamp

Pallet identification is easy with ORBIS' Hot Stamp option. It utilizes .5” block capital letters in a predefined area on the pallet or top cap. Availability, requirements, and location for the hot stamp can vary for each pallet.

Molded-In Logo

Molded-In Logo identification is a type of permanent identification that is molded into product. Original artwork must be supplied to ORBIS at the time of the order. Availability, requirement, and location for the molded-in identification can vary for each product.

ID Plates

Identification Plates are rigid plastic plates with adhesive backing that affix securely to your pallet. These plates are designed for durability and a long service life. Availability, requirement, and location of the identification plates can vary for each pallet.

Deck Grommets

Rubber gromments installed in pre-determined locations on the pallet deck, to prevent load shifting.  

Compatible With


Size (IN) : 23.6  x  15.8  x  5.3


Size (IN) : 23.6  x  15.8  x  7.1


Size (IN) : 23.6  x  15.8  x  8.5


Size (IN) : 23.6  x  15.8  x  10.7


Size (IN) : 23.6  x  15.8  x  14.3

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