1200 x 1000 SuperPal

  • Can be made with Recycled Plastics Can be made with Recycled Plastics
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The 1200 x 1000 SuperPal offers improved hygiene, durability, strength, and stackability while outlasting and outperforming alternative pallets, resulting in a lower cost-per-trip. ORBIS offers the largest selection of fire-retardant pallets approved by Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FM) as meeting fire rating requirements equivalent to wood pallets ORBIS fire retardant pallets are now available in a new halogen-free (HF) material, which contains no bromine of any kind (i.e. PBDE free). ORBIS is one of the first in the reusable packaging industry to receive approval from Factory Mutual to use this innovative HF material. In addition to being halogen-free (HF), this material improves fire performance while enhancing impact performance.

  • Euro-sized pallet
  • Halogen-free, bromine-free
  • Patented snap-fit design allows for on-site repair
  • Structural foam molded
  • Compatible with all palletizers, conveyors, and automatic systems
  • This heavy-duty pallet is designed to convey industrial products
  • Tapered 4-way entry


Outside Length In 39.4
Outside Width In 47.2
Height In 6.3
Weight Lb 53.3
Static Load Capacity Lb 22046
Dynamic Load Capacity Lb 2756
Truckload Qty 53ft Trailer 510


Pallet Hot Stamp

Pallet identification is easy with ORBIS' Hot Stamp option. It utilizes .5” block capital letters in a predefined area on the pallet or top cap. Availability, requirements, and location for the hot stamp can vary for each pallet.

Molded-In Logo

Molded-In Logo identification is a type of permanent identification that is molded into product. Original artwork must be supplied to ORBIS at the time of the order. Availability, requirement, and location for the molded-in identification can vary for each product.

Deck Grommets

Rubber gromments installed in pre-determined locations on the pallet deck, to prevent load shifting.

Bar Coding

Ability for ORBIS to apply bar code labels to pre-determined areas of containers.

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