Pallets for Automation

ORBIS manufactures a wide range of plastic pallets for automated systems and conveyors, all with the features needed for today's high-speed distribution systems. From contoured corners to wide legs to full picture frame bottoms, these pallets are designed to travel seamlessly through an automated system.

These reusable plastic pallets are designed for many trips through automated systems. They replace single-use pallets and prevent the waste associated with the disposal of wood pallets. With no staples, nails or loose boards that can halt a system, these plastic pallets minimize costly system downtime.

Each automated system can be unique and the pallet used within the system often needs to be customized to meet the requirements of the system.

ORBIS specializes in customizing pallets to ensure their repeatable performance through a given system. ORBIS experts understand how automated systems work and collaborates with system integrators, end-users and other partners to design, validate and execute a pallet program that complements your automated system.