• Can be made with Recycled Plastics Can be made with Recycled Plastics
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ORBIS AROS® automated system containers are designed for seamless integration into automated storage systems. The plastic, fully reusable ORBIS ML6545-325 tote has the market-leading interior cube in a 650mmx450mm footprint. It offers a dual-sided divider system that locks dividers in place on the top and bottom of the container, to eliminate divider movement and prevent product shift. Dividers are engineered to fit seamlessly into the grid, or hybrid, container bottom and can create up to eight different cells for different part sizes or batches. ORBIS containers are precisely molded to interface seamlessly with automation and reduce system downtime found with inconsistent package design. *Please note that ORBIS publishes the specifications for this product line in inches, but the model name does not correspond to inches. This system was designed on a metric footprint and the model name reflects this.

  • Market-leading interior cube
  • Compliant with FM Global Data Sheet 8-34
  •  Fingertip handles for easy manual handling
  • Drain holes are offset to avoid system misreads
  • Flat corners interface seamlessly with automation guides
  • Automation locators ensure proper tote placement
  • Alignment rib
  • Beveled bottom edges promote smooth movement over conveyor rollers and transitions
  • Hybrid bottom offers superior strength in a single piece with a smooth bottom perimeter ensures smooth conveyance
  • Label pads for specific cell identification
  • Optional dividers are easily configured to organize product and are secured at the top and bottom
  • ID options include barcode locations
  • Additional height options available for 125-400mm
  • Fully recyclable at the end of its service life


Outside Top Length Mm 650
Outside Top Width Mm 450
Outside Bottom Length Mm 650
Outside Bottom Width Mm 450
Inside Top Length Mm 616
Inside Top Width Mm 416
Inside Bottom Length Mm 615
Inside Bottom Width Mm 415
Total Container Height Mm 325
Product Clearance Mm 311
Weight Kg 3.4
53 Trailer Qty 928

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