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As consumers continue to shift buying patterns to buying online and picking up in-store, retailers are developing new in-store processes to quickly fulfill online orders. The SNB2416 Tote accommodates all types of merchandise and works seamlessly in ORBIS’ XpressPickup System featuring totes, dollies and instore carts.

  • Bail arms for easy transitions between stacking and nesting
  • Easy peel label areas to eliminate label residue
  • Rigid dual bottom for enhanced edge supported racking
  • Smooth bottom for automation applications
  • Bag hooks for efficient picking process
  • Gallon fluid capacity to limit spillage of damaged product
  • Ventilated walls for airflow when kept in chilled environments
  • Deep nesting design reduces space requirements when empty


Outside Top Length In 23.6
Outside Top Width In 15.7
Outside Bottom Length In 20.8
Outside Bottom Width In 13.3
Height In 11
Prod Clearance In 10
Weight Lb 5.1
Truckload Qty 53ft Trailer 5700


Hot Stamp (Container)

Hot Stamp identification is available for a wide variety of ORBIS totes. The original artwork must be supplied to ORBIS at the time of the order. Size, feasibility and available location of the hot stamp will vary for each container. Minimum shipment is required.

ID Plates

Identification Plates are rigid plastic plates with adhesive backing that affix securely to your product. These plates are designed for durability and a long service life. Most ORBIS BulkPaks can accommodate identification plates. Availability, requirement, and location of the identification plates can vary for each container.

Label Placards

Label placards are placed on containers to allow for the easy application and removal of single-use labels. Prevents sticky residue and overlapping. Placards are removable and replaceable.

Textured Bottom

Molded-in textured surface available on container bottom.

Textured Drain Bottom

Textured bottom, with drain holes. Available for a variety of conveyor systems in today's high-speed distribution centers.

Textured Solid Bottom

Textured bottom, with no drain holes. Available for a variety of conveyor systems in today's high-speed distribution centers.

Textured Surface

Some ORBIS containers can include a molded-in Textured Surface area on all 4 sides of the tote: 2 short sides, 2 long sides or 2 adjacent sides. The textured surface allows for easy removal of adhesive labels for identifying tote contents.

Compatible With

80 x 60 Dolly

Size (IN) : 31.5  x  23.6  x  7.5

Two Sided Standard Cart - 600 x 400

Size (IN) : 50.5  x  19.5  x  59

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