80 x 60 PALLY®

  • Can be made with Recycled Plastics Can be made with Recycled Plastics
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The 80 x 60 Pally is ideal for high velocity goods distribution, omni-channel picking and small format retail deliveries. With the ability to be used as a mobile pallet or static pallet, the Pally moves goods from the distribution center to the retail aisle with fewer product touches.  With state-of-the-art features like Pop-Up Locators that secure loads in place, to contoured hand-holes for ergonomic handling, the Pally is bringing efficiency and versatility to the retail supply chain. Durable 3″ casters minimize noise and deliver durability over rugged terrain Select components are fully field repairable, including the Wheel Covers, Rubber Braking Stabilizers, Pop-Up Locators and Casters. The Optional Locking Handle enables pushing and pulling. When not in use the handle folds onto the Pally for efficient storage. When static, the Pallys rubber braking stabilizers withstand lateral force. To learn more, visit orbispally.com.

  • Accelerate DC load and unload times at retail locations
  • Efficient alternative to floor-loading shipments
  • Narrow footprint improves trailer cube utilization, fits 4 across standard trucks
  • Lower total cost of ownership, with an attractive ROI
  • Enhanced repairability features deliver easy, on-site repair


Outside Length In 31.5
Outside Width In 23.6
Height In 7.5
Weight Lb 30
Load Capacity Lb 600
53 Trailer Qty 780

Compatible With


Size (IN) : 23.6  x  15.8  x  5.3


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Size (IN) : 23.6  x  15.8  x  8.5


Size (IN) : 23.6  x  15.8  x  10.7


Size (IN) : 23.6  x  15.8  x  14.3

CR2416-10 3-H NPL 678

Size (IN) : 23.6  x  15.8  x  13.5


Size (IN) : 23.6  x  15.7  x  11.7


Size (IN) : 21.8  x  15.2  x  12.9


Size (IN) : 21.8  x  14.9  x  12.1


Size (IN) : 21.9  x  15.2  x  9.3

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