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The StakPak System offers more than 20 straight-wall modular containers with advanced features to optimize your reusable packaging system. This next-generation StakPak is designed for just-in-time applications where the same containers are used for shipping, storage, and work-in-process. StakPaks are compatible with a wide variety of AIAG pallets, top caps, and seat belt systems. Reinforced external vertical ribbing adds maximum stacking strength. Molded-in continuous bumper keeps dirt and dust from contaminating product. Drain holes in the bumper and handles ensure easy cleaning and draining. Smooth, straight interior walls offer maximum cube utilization and easy interface with custom interior dunnage.

  • 24 x 22 x 7 footprint
  • Next generation (NXO) design combines durability, streamlined design
  • Continuous vertical ribbing for added strength
  • Optional textured surface area on the center of all 4 sides, 2 short sides, 2 long sides, or 2 adjacent sides
  • Standard “Place Label Here” hot stamp on all NXO models
  • Smooth or reinforced bottom
  • Reinforced bottom ensures secure stacking of mixed container loads
  • Fingertip handles on adjacent sides
  • Compatible with XO, NXO, and SON models


Outside Length In 24
Outside Width In 22.5
Outside Height In 7.5
Inside Bottom Length In 21.5
Inside Bottom Width In 20.6
Prod Clearance St In 6.9
Prod Clearance Reinforced In 6.4
Weight Smooth Textured Lb 4.7
Weight Reinforced Lb 5.2
53ft Trailer 50in Unit Loads 1248
Containers Per Layer 4


Smooth Bottom

Full smooth surface available on StakPak container bottom.

Reinforced Bottom

Molded-in reinforced surface available on StakPak container bottom.

Textured Surface

NXO StakPaks can include a molded-in Textured Surface area on all 4 sides of the tote: 2 short sides, 2 long sides or 2 adjacent sides. The textured surface allows for easy removal of adhesive labels for identifying tote contents (Available on NXO containers only).


Polyropylene cardholders that snap onto totes. Available in several sizes and accommodate removable cards, bar codes or other identification documents.

RFID Labels

Accommodates many types of RFID labels. These totes offer several flat areas designed specifically for the precise placement of labels and tags. Multiple label styles are available to meet technical requirements.

Container Hot Stamp

Hot Stamp identification is available for a wide variety of ORBIS totes. The original artwork must be supplied to ORBIS at the time of the order. Size, feasibility and available location of the hot stamp will vary for each container. Minimum shipment is required.

Label Placards

Label placards are placed on containers to allow for the easy application and removal of single-use labels. Prevents sticky residue and overlapping. Placards are removable and replaceable. 

Compatible With

45 x 48 BR CIISF LP

Size (IN) : 48.7  x  45.7  x  7.5


Size (IN) : 48.7  x  45.7  x  7.5

45 x 48 JOURNEY

Size (IN) : 48.9  x  45.9  x  6

45 x 48 HDPT

Size (IN) : 49  x  46  x  6.1

45 x 48 SFP

Size (IN) : 48.8  x  45.8  x  5.8

45 x 48-2 MI SBRR CISS LP

Size (IN) : 49.4  x  46.4  x  7.6

45 x 48 BR MI CISF LP

Size (IN) : 48.7  x  45.7  x  6.6


Size (IN) : 48.7  x  45.7  x  6.6

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